Ancientoo T-Straps Sandals Morfi

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Designer flat leather sandals display a dressy vibe with cool embellishments of raw cut large gemstones in bright gold and inlayed with bands of metallic silver! The Morfi sandals sport a Boho look which combines relaxed and refined elements and the result is stunning! They’ll be the eye-catching fashion accessory that takes your tee and cut-off ensemble to riveting! And, they pair exquisitely with hi-low skirts, making these shoes the ultimate focal point!

This pair of stylish flip flop sandals features:

  • High quality chemical-free authentic leather from Crete with natural colors
  • Elastic sole with modern design is comfortable for all day wear
  • Handmade in Greece by experienced sandal manufacturers
  • Timeless design to complement a variety of fashion styles

Create a variety of trendy outfits with this pair of chic chunky gem-studded sandals! Order them now and love them for effortless style in your everyday fashion, taking you from a workday to a night on the town!